From "taxing the hell" out of the rich to Medicare for All being "a bunch of malarkey" to Kool-aid and Clorox, here are some of the most notable moments each of the Democratic candidates had during the second debate in Detroit:

Kamala Harris

"The bottom line is this, we must agree that access to health care must be a right and not just a privilege of those who can afford it," Harris said while touting a Medicare for All plan funding by taxes on Wall Street. >>

Joe Biden

"I don’t know what math you do in New York, I don’t know what math you do in California, but I’ll tell you, it’s going to be a lot of money," the vice president said on Medicare for All. >>

Cory Booker 

"We have serious problems in America. We have deep wounds and seriously deeply rooted challenges. We desperately need to heal as a nation and move forward," Booker said when discussing race in America. >>

Bill de Blasio 

 "When I'm president, we will even up the score and we will tax the hell out of the wealthy to make this a fairer country and to make sure it's a country that puts working people first," de Blasio said while discussing taxes. >>

Michael Bennet

"There's not a single person on this stage, if we were president, would ever separate a child from their parents at the border. They have turned our border into a symbol of nativist hostility,” Bennet said while talking immigration policy. >>

Julian Castro 

“I believe the evidence is plain and clear and, if it gets that far, you’ll see an impeachment of President Trump," Castro said on why President Donald Trump needs to be ousted. >>

Kirsten Gillibrand 

 Gillibrand had the quote of the night with the following: "The first thing I’m going to do when I’m president is I’m going to Clorox the Oval Office." >>

Tulsi Gabbard 

"This is something that is impacting my generation in a huge way and I believe that it is our generation that has the bold, creative solutions to be able to solve it. This is about promise for our future and we’ve got to make those kinds of investments," Gabbard said about the high costs of college tuition. >>

Andrew Yang

"I would trust anyone on this stage more than I trust our current president on criminal justice." >>

Jay Inslee

"I would suggest we need to think about a bigger scandal in America, which is that in professions and careers where women have been more than the majority, they have almost always been underpaid," Inslee said about equal pay. >>

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