The Trump Organization’s decision to explore a sale of its Washington hotel stems from concern over claims of conflicts of interest related to international guests, according to Donald Trump Jr.

“It’s all international business, so we chose not to do that,” the president’s son told Fox News. “And then every time we do, we get another lawsuit about this and another lawsuit about – it’s almost easier to just stay away from it, right?”

The Trump International Hotel has become a magnet for foreign dignitaries, state government officials and lobbyists, raising questions about whether President Donald Trump is profiting from people who spend money at hotels to curry favor with him. Trump has been the target of lawsuits and congressional scrutiny over whether he’s violating the U.S. Constitution’s emoluments clauses.

The Trump Organization has sought to counter criticism by donating profit from foreign leaders’ visits to the U.S. Treasury, which his critics say is an unenforceable commitment that doesn’t resolve the constitutional issue.

The Trump Organization has said it spent about $212 million to redevelop the historic Old Post Office, located a short walk down Pennsylvania Avenue from the White House. It leases the property from the federal government.

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