Trump’s 2016 campaign asks judge to dismiss ex-worker’s NDA suit

Erik Larson

President Donald Trump’s 2016 campaign asked a judge to dismiss a class-action lawsuit filed by former staffer who is seeking to void a nondisclosure agreement she signed, saying it mimics a fight she already lost.

Jessica Denson, who claims she experienced harassment as a campaign worker, sued in June seeking a ruling that the NDAs, which allow Trump to block disclosure of anything “that Mr. Trump insists remain private,” were too broad to be enforced.

Jessica Denson

The campaign previously sued Denson for violating the NDA with her harassment claims. In a filing late Thursday, the campaign said it considered its dispute with Denson resolved after a New York state appeals court overturned an almost $50,000 arbitration award against her in February. While the ruling held that the award violated public policy by punishing Denson for making claims in a lawsuit, it also said the NDA itself wasn’t necessarily unreasonable.

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“The Campaign did not appeal this decision,” the campaign said in the filing in Manhattan federal court. The appeals court “conclusively resolved any pending dispute between the parties regarding the agreement.”

In a Thursday filing, Denson argued that the appeals court hadn’t directly addressed the NDA. She asked for a ruling in her favor without a trial, arguing the evidence was overwhelming.

“We think those arguments are meritless and look forward to briefing them,” Denson’s lawyer, John Langford, said in an email on Friday.