Schauer ad argues Snyder works for the wealthy

Chad Livengood
Detroit News Lansing Bureau

Lansing — Mark Schauer's latest television ad continues to downplay Michigan's economic rebound as the Democratic candidate for governor claims Gov. Rick Snyder's economy "is only working for the wealthy."

With Election Day just 13 days away, Schauer planned to launch a new TV ad Wednesday in which he says he has "a plan to bring back Michigan's middle class" by reversing "Rick Snyder's billion dollar cuts to our schools because good jobs come from a good education."

Schauer's claim that Snyder cut $1 billion from K-12 schools is far larger than the actual reduction in public education spending during Snyder's first year in office — a reduction the Republican governor blames on the federal government for the end of short-term aid.

In the ad, which will air statewide, Schauer also says he'll end "Rick Snyder's tax breaks for corporations that send our jobs overseas," a claim he made in his last TV ad.

To justify its claim Snyder has subsidized a company with a history of outsourcing, Schauer points to a $1.6 million grant the Ada-based Amway Corporation got from Snyder's Michigan Economic Development Corporation in 2012 for relocating its Nutrilite production plant from California to Kent County.

"Together, we'll build an economy that works for everyone," Schauer says in the ad, which was filmed in a Lansing neighborhood.

A taxpayer-funded MEDC grant subsidizing economic development is not the same as a reduction in a company's business taxes because of a specific provision in the tax code.

Snyder's elimination of $1.8 billion in business taxes for 95,000 small and medium-sized businesses has been a major issue in a gubernatorial race focused on tax policy and the economy.

The Snyder campaign on Tuesday launched its new ad touting endorsements from newspaper editorial boards, including The Detroit News.

A female narrator in Snyder's ad says Michigan will experience "a decade of growth and prosperity with four more years of Gov. Rick Snyder."

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