Trott, McKenzie both confident after debate

Jim Lynch
The Detroit News

Bloomfield Hills — Local candidates are looking for help wherever they can get it with about a week to go before the Nov. 4 election.

Republican congressional candidate Dave Trott brought in two GOP congressmen from out of state to help in his final push for Michigan’s 11th district seat. At Oakland County Republican headquarters in Bloomfield Hills, he welcomed U.S. Rep. Aaron Schock of Illinois and U.S. Rep. Jason Smith of Missouri.

Trott, speaking to campaign workers a day after a television appearance with Democratic opponent Bobby McKenzie, joked about his much-hyped television debate.

“We had a good debate yesterday,” he said Monday. “Based on the fact that as I was leaving the studio after the debate he was screaming at me, I think I got the best of him.”

On Monday, McKenzie was campaigning at a Livonia senior center. The campaign for the former State Department counter-terrorism adviser said he had gotten the edge in the debate by playing up Trott’s former businesses that helped foreclose on homes.

“Bobby was the clear winner of the debate,” the McKenzie campaign said. “Not only did he show why he is the only candidate who will fight for Michigan families, he held ‘Foreclosure King’ Trott accountable for throwing hundreds of thousands of Michigan families out of their homes.”

Schock compared the current plight of his home state of Illinois with what Michigan has endured in recent years. He also indicated there was a Michigan connection to Illinois’ unemployment and population losses.

“I know, from waking up in Illinois, seeing the flight, that elections matter,” he said “You know, having lived under the rule of a crazy woman named Jennifer Granholm who gave (former Illinois Gov.) Rod Blagojevich, all those stupid ideas — gross receipts tax and the like. ... She’d say one thing and he’d come out and say it the next day.”

Schock also attempted to underscore the strategic importance of Michigan Republicans for Trott as U.S. Rep. Kerry Bentivolio, R-Milford, runs an uphill write-in campaign after losing the primary to Trott by 33 percentage points.

“But the truth of the matter is the bigger margin (Dave) wins by today means that in the presidential election in Michigan, when you tend to be a little bluer, they’re going to leave him alone,” Schock said. “And the Democrats will spend their money on someone else.”

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