Trott defeats McKenzie in 11th District

Jim Lynch
The Detroit News
Dave Trott, left, candidate for Michigan's 11th congressional district, talks with Jason Seaver of Ferndale and Christine Rodemeyer of Livonia at his election party held at Suburban Collection Showcase in Novi Tuesday night.

Dave Trott has defeated Democrat Bobby McKenzie in the race for Michigan's 11th District Congressional seat.

Appearing on stage in Novi with his wife, Kappy, and two of his daughters, Trott thanked a crowd of roughly 200 supporters Tuesday night for their work on the campaign.

"I'm anxious to go to Washington and be the change you all want to see," he said. "I'm proud and I'm honored… I hope I do you proud. I'm sure going to work hard at it."

Trott garnered 56 percent of votes compared to 41 percent for McKenzie and 3 percent for Libertarian candidate John Tatar.

A spokesman for McKenzie could not be reached.

Trott's guests at a ballroom at the Suburban Showcase enjoyed food and drinks in front of two massive television screens showing Fox News' election coverage.

Earlier in the evening, Trott worked the room, pressing flesh alongside his wife.

While Trott and McKenzie rarely crossed paths on the campaign trail, the bad blood was readily apparent in campaign advertisements and a debate on a local political television show.

McKenzie in the last month repeatedly slapped the "Foreclosure King" label on Trott for the Birmingham attorney's work representing banks in tens of thousands of foreclosure cases in Michigan that resulted in families being forced out of their homes. It was a slogan U.S. Rep. Kerry Bentivolio and an outside conservative group used against Trott to no avail in the primary.

He also played up his foreign policy and anti-terrorism expertise and said it would be a valuable addition in Congress.

Trott touted his private-sector experience and ability to create 1,800 jobs in Metro Detroit, while saying he would work to cut red tape, simplify taxes and reduce wasteful spending in Washington. He criticized McKenzie for recently moving back to Canton Township to run for Congress after being out of the state for a decade and accused the Democrat of supporting reduced security at the country's borders.

"I don't get the feeling you two care for each other too much," WDIV's Devin Scillian said during a late October debate by both candidates on the show "Flashpoint."

Trott, a longtime GOP fund-raiser, had been willing to pour money into this campaign. He spent $2.4 million of his own money during the primary and at least another $1 million during the general campaign, according to federal campaign filings, while attracting another $1 million in contributions.

McKenzie raised $708,000 through Oct. 15.

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