Dingell wins husband's seat in 12th District

By Dave Shepardson
Detroit News Washington Bureau

Debbie Dingell defeated Republican Terry Bowman to replace her husband, U.S. Rep. John Dingell, in the 12th Congressional District.

Debbie Dingell speaks to supporters after she wins the 12th U.S. House seat Tuesday evening.

The Dearborn Democrat said she plans to reach out across the aisle and work hard to "fight for the people of the 12th district and southeast Michigan."

Rep. John Dingell, 88, is retiring at the end of the year after becoming the longest-serving member of Congress in U.S. history at 59 years.

Debbie Dingell hailed her husband, who didn't attend the victory party.

Debbie Dingell told The Detroit News after her remarks celebrating victory she's been "on a giant job interview with the people of the 12th district for the last few months and they have given me the honor of electing me.... I've got to honor that trust that people have put in me."

She said he planned to reach out across the aisle and work hard "I am going to down there and fight for the people of the 12th district and southeast Michigan ... and I am going to work with everybody," she said. "The people of Michigan are tired of the partisan bickering."

She said it's time to work together. "Let's get a Michigan agenda," she said.

The Wayne State University Board of Governors chairwoman has outraised Bowman, a conservative auto worker union member, by $1.37 million to $42,541 through Oct. 15 in the Democratic-leaning district.

Dingell promoted manufacturing policy and making college tuition more affordable, among other themes.

Bowman attacked President Barack Obama's Affordable Care Act for taking away health plans and longtime doctors from working families while causing premiums to rise. He claims voters are tired of the "Dingell dynasty" and that he is a regular person who can represent all of the district's people.