Presidential campaign snapshots: Wednesday, Feb. 17


A daily look at what the 2016 presidential candidates are doing and saying as Michigan’s March 8 primary approaches


Jeb Bush

Jeb Bush, the lone GOP presidential hopeful to not own a firearm tweeted an image of one given to him Wednesday with the single-word caption “America,” triggering mockery on Twitter.

Ben Carson

Ben Carson picked up his very first congressional endorsement on Wednesday, from Maryland GOP Rep. Andy Harris.

Ted Cruz

“You have been threatening frivolous lawsuits for your entire adult life. Even in the annals of frivolous lawsuits, this takes the cake.”

— Ted Cruz, addressing Donald Trump’s threat to sue over a campaign ad

John Kasich

“I don’t think people expected me to do squat. And I think we’ll do better than squat, but we’ll see.”

— John Kasich, on his chances in Saturday’s South Carolina primary

Marco Rubio

“Ladies and gentlemen, if we elect Marco Rubio, every day will be a great day in America.”

— South Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley, who endorsed the Florida senator just days before her state’s Republican primary

Donald Trump

After his victory in New Hampshire, Donald Trump is sounding as confident as ever, telling the moderators at an MSNBC-broadcast town hall that “I think I have a great chance in Michigan ... I think I’ll get Ohio.”


Hillary Clinton

Hillary Clinton stressed her ties to President Barack Obama during a stop in his hometown of Chicago Wednesday, praising his accomplishments in office as “impressive” and pledging to carry on many of his policies if she becomes president.

Bernie Sanders

“I do understand obviously he’s trying to do his best to get his wife to win the nomination. But we should not be making silly remarks.”

— Bernie Sanders, on Bill Clinton’s remarks that Democrats are “rewarding people who tell us things we know they can’t do”

From Detroit News wire services