Former Rep. Bentivolio endorses Carson for president

Chad Livengood
Detroit News Lansing Bureau

Former U.S. Rep. Kerry Bentivolio is endorsing famed neurosurgeon Ben Carson for president ahead of Michigan’s March 8 Republican primary.

Bentivolio, a military veteran from Milford who served one term representing the 11th Congressional District in parts of Wayne and Oakland counties, said Carson will “fight for our veterans” if he’s elected president.

“When I look at what we need in our next president, I look for someone who will fight against the political class that has mired our country in higher debts and less accountability,” Bentivolio in a statement.

Bentivolio won a single term in Congress in 2012 after then-Rep. Thaddeus McCotter’s political career was tanked by a nominating petition scandal. Bentivolio lost the 2014 Republican primary to Birmingham attorney Dave Trott and filed for personal bankruptcy in late February 2015.

“Dr. Carson is a man of action, with a history of service to God, to family and to our country. In my heart of hearts he is the right choice for what ails America,” Bentivolio said in a statement.

The Carson campaign announced Bentivolio’s endorsement Thursday morning.

“His endorsement is yet another example of how citizen statesmen can come together to bring real change to the Washington establishment,” Carson said in a statement.

Carson’s campaign announced Bentivolio’s endorsement after The Detroit News reported earlier Thursday that Carson’s Michigan campaign chairman is expressing doubts about the campaign for making “very elementary errors.”

State Sen. Mike Shirkey, R-Clark Lake, said he still believes Carson is the best candidate among the remaining six Republican presidential hopefuls, but he thinks Carson is “getting bad advice” from his campaign staff.

“They’ve made some very elementary errors to maintain support,” Shirkey told The News. “And it’s just too bad.”

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