Presidential campaign snapshots


Ben Carson

“I believe that things are starting to happen here.”

— Carson said during a speech as results for the Nevada caucuses came in. He finished far behind. Politico reported the Detroit native is under pressure to drop his presidential bid after a string of back-of-the-pack primary finishes.

Ted Cruz

“I believe we are poised to have a very good night on Super Tuesday.”

— Said Cruz, shaking off his disappointing third-place finish in Nevada.

“Cruz appeared in Houston with Texas Gov. Greg Abbott, his mentor and former boss, who on Wednesday endorsed the tea party-backed senator. Texas offers the biggest delegate prize on Tuesday, and Cruz’s campaign is depending on a solid win there to survive

John Kasich

“Forget about it.”

— Kasich’s message to Republicans who think he should drop out of the GOP presidential contest. Kasich and Marco Rubio’s campaigns are in a fierce battle to become the so-called establishment alternative to front-runner Donald Trump.

“Kasich’s campaign is running a strategy that relies on surviving through the March 1 Super Tuesday contest and winning Michigan’s March 8 primary. Kasich says people need to “chill out” because there’s a “long way to go” in the GOP nominating contest.

Marco Rubio

“The sooner we can get this race narrowed, I think the easier it’s going to be to stop Donald Trump.”

— Said Rubio, who edged out Ted Cruz for second place in the Nevada caucuses. The Associated Press finds the difference was fewer than 2,000 votes.

Appearing Wednesday on NBC’s “Today” show, Rubio said the majority of Republicans don’t want Trump to be their nominee for president

Donald Trump

“I would want somebody that could help me with government, so most likely that would be a political person.”

— SaidTrump on Wednesday during an appearance in Virginia, a state voting on next week’s so-called Super Tuesday. “You want somebody that can help you with legislation, getting it through.”


Hillary Clinton

“I think that my work with her over the years has been something that I have looked upon with awe.”

— Said Senate Democratic Leader Harry Reid who is endorsing Clinton for the Democratic presidential nomination.

The Nevada senator noted her work on health care, and said “she’s the woman” to become the first female president of the United States.

Bernie Sanders

“This is not some kind of personal vendetta” against billionaires.

— Said Sanders, whose main campaign theme has been decrying the influence of the wealthiest Americans as he praised billionaire Microsoft Corp. co-founder Bill Gates for his philanthropy during a CNN town hall forum.

From Detroit News wire services