Today’s presidential campaign snapshots


Ted Cruz

Cruz’s campaign says he raised $12 million in February for his presidential bid, a cash infusion created in part by his first-place finish in the leadoff Iowa caucuses. Cruz won three primaries on Super Tuesday.

John Kasich

“Now we’re getting into the ‘March Madness.’ We’re moving toward the ‘Final Four.’ And it goes to home court for me,” Ohio’s governor said

— Kasich, referring to Ohio’s March 15 GOP primary, as quoted on CNBC online

Marco Rubio

“We are going to win Florida.”

— Rubio, after casting his early ballot in Florida’s March 15 primary

Donald Trump

Donald Trump and Fox News Channel are getting back together.

A spokeswoman for the Republican presidential front runner confirms that Trump will participate in Thursday’s debate even though his sometime nemesis Megyn Kelly will be one of the moderators.


Hillary Clinton

Clinton is nearly halfway to clinching the Democratic presidential nomination after her strong Super Tuesday.

With 865 delegates at stake, Clinton is assured of gaining at least 490 for the night, having won seven states and American Samoa.

Bernie Sanders

“That means we’re probably going to win in a landslide.”

— Sanders, after reading that pundits are calling the nomination for Clinton