Today’s presidential campaign snapshots


Ted Cruz

Five former national fundraising chairman for Jeb Bush’s failed campaign are going to work for Cruz.

Cruz, who is second to Donald Trump in delegates, argues that it is now a two-person race and that Marco Rubio has no viable path toward the nomination.

John Kasich

“I just don’t want to go and talk about the size of his hands or what kind of a tan he has, I mean, that’s not the way to get this done.”

— Kasich, on how personal attacks on Trump aren’t working and candidates should stick to policy, as quoted on the Wall Street Journal blag.

Marco Rubio

“This guy has never punched anyone.”

— Rubio, saying that Trump is not that tough, as quoted on the New York Times online.

Donald Trump

“When you have incoming, you can’t be too presidential.”

— Trump, responding to his wife’s request that he respond “presidentially” to Mitt Romney’s criticism.


Hillary Clinton

Clinton’s tax plan would raise $1.1 trillion from mostly wealthy taxpayers

The nonpartisan Tax Policy Center’s study finds that many taxpayers will pay about .1 percent of their after-tax incomes for a bevy of new levies Clinton is proposing and the top 1 percent would pay the biggest share by far.

Bernie Sanders

Sanders is making trade policy a centerpiece of his efforts to win next week’s primary in Michigan.

Sanders says at a news conference in Lansing that he and Clinton have been on opposing sides on a number of trade deals, including the North American Free Trade Agreement and normalizing trade relations with China.