Today’s campaign snapshots: Kasich expects Ohio win


John Kasich

“We’re going to win Ohio and then it’s a whole new ball game.“

— Kasich, Tuesday on “CBS This Morning.”

Marco Rubio

“I think he’s destructive to the conservative movement, and I think his nomination assures Hillary Clinton’s election as the 45th president of the United States.”

— Rubio on Fox News, adding there was “no way” he would ever “team up” with Trump.

Donald Trump

“I don’t think I should be toning it down because I’ve had the biggest rallies of anybody probably ever. ... We have had very, very little difficultly.”

— Trump, Tuesday on ABC’s “Good Morning America.”


Hillary Clinton

“The numbers are adding up in my favor.”

— Clinton, campaigning Tuesday in North Carolina, saying she was eager to move on to a general election showdown with Trump.

Bernie Sanders

“When it came down (to) whether you stand with corporate America, the people who wrote these agreements, or whether you stand with the working people of this country, I proudly stood with the workers. ... Secretary Clinton stood with the big money interests.”

— Sanders, at a campaign stop Tuesday in Ohio on trade deals such as the North American Free Trade Agreement.

From Detroit News wire services