Today’s campaign snapshots


Ted Cruz

Texas Sen. Ted Cruz says he stands with his Republican colleagues in the Senate in opposing President Barack Obama’s pick for the Supreme Court.

The Republican presidential candidate said in a statement Wednesday that Obama’s nomination of Merrick Garland “is exactly the type of Supreme Court nominee you get when you make deals in Washington.”

Cruz said if Garland were confirmed, he would undermine Second Amendment gun rights, legalize late-term abortions and empower “overreaching bureaucratic agencies.”

Donald Trump

Donald Trump’ s new online ad uses footage of Democratic front-runner Hillary Clinton barking like a dog to suggest she’s unfit to be president.

The ad on Trump’s official Instagram account begins with footage of Russian President Vladimir Putin engaged in martial arts and a man who appears to be an Islamic State fighter pointing a gun at the camera.

“When it comes to facing our toughest opponents,” it reads, “The democrats have the perfect answer...”

The ad then cuts to footage of Clinton in Nevada earlier this year, barking to mimic an ad she’d been describing to supporters.

John Kasich

Ohio Gov. John Kasich says President Barack Obama should not rush to nominate a Supreme Court justice because of the “polarization” in Congress.

Speaking to a crowd at Villanova University, the Republican presidential candidate said Wednesday that the president shouldn’t “stiff the legislative body” by rushing to a decision that isn’t in the country’s best interest.


Hillary Clinton

Hillary Clinton has sent Democratic Sen. Joe Manchin a letter saying she was mistaken in her recent comments about coal.

On national television Sunday, Clinton declared she was going to put a lot of coal miners and coal companies out of business. Republicans, including Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell of Kentucky, suggested that that Clinton didn’t care about coal miners.

Clinton was touting her plan released last year to put $30 billion toward protecting the health benefits of coal miners and their families.

Spokesman Jonathan Kott said Manchin was extremely upset and followed up directly with Clinton, her senior advisers and former President Bill Clinton.

Bernie Sanders

Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders is calling Judge Merrick Garland a strong nominee for the Supreme Court and arguing that refusing to hold hearings for his nomination would be unprecedented.

In a statement, Sanders notes that the 63-year-old Garland has decades of experience on the bench. Sanders says Obama has done his job by nominating Garland and that Senate Republicans now must do theirs.

From Detroit News wire services