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Ted Cruz

Sen. Lindsey Graham said Thursday that he’ll help Ted Cruz raise campaign cash in the hope of stopping Donald Trump’s march toward the Republican presidential nomination.

Graham dropped his own longshot candidacy in December and has been a scathing critic of the Texas Republican in the past.

“It pales in comparison to my differences with Trump,” Cruz told reporters on Capitol Hill Thursday. “I think Ted Cruz is a reliable Republican: Strong on Israel, would repeal and replace Obamacare, would be good on the Supreme Court. So we have many things in common but we also have many differences.”

Donald Trump

Donald Trump’s railing about what’s wrong in corporate America goes further than the typical political populism: He vows to rewrite trade deals, tax imports and punish U.S. companies. And he’s naming names.

He is blasting Ford for beefing up operations abroad. He’s refusing to eat Oreo cookies that may soon be made in Mexico and is vowing to get Apple to make iPhones in the U.S.

“You know, our companies are leaving our country rapidly,” the GOP front-runner said in Palm Beach, Florida, after winning the state’s Republican primary on Tuesday. “And frankly, I’m disgusted.”


Hillary Clinton

President Barack Obama is urging Democratic donors against supporting Bernie Sanders for the party’s nomination, telling them that the time has come to unite behind Hillary Clinton, two senior Democrats confirmed to POLITICO.

The New York Times first reported Thursday on Obama’s private meeting last week with Democratic National Committee donors in Austin, Texas, where the president acknowledged the shortcomings of his 2008 primary rival.

Although Obama did not call on Sanders to drop out of the race and did not explicitly endorse Clinton, according to the Times’ report, those in attendance told the newspaper that the president’s tone suggested urgency. — Politico

From Detroit News wire services

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