Today’s campaign snapshots: Response to Brussels attack

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Ted Cruz

“This is war. ... Their target is each and every one of us.”

Cruz, saying he would use the “full force and fury” of the U.S. military to defeat the Islamic State group.

John Kasich

Kasich says he is “sickened by the pictures of the carnage” from Brussels.

The Ohio governor said in a statement Tuesday that the global community must “redouble” efforts to “identify, root out and destroy the perpetrators of such acts of evil.”

Donald Trump

“Brussels was a beautiful city, a beautiful place with zero crime, and now it’s a disaster city.”

Trump, speaking to Fox News Tuesday as developments were still unfolding in Belgium.


Hillary Clinton

“We’ve got to be absolutely strong and smart and steady in how we respond.”

Clinton, telling NBC News that the U.S. must intensify efforts to prevent terrorism in conjunction with its allies.

Bernie Sanders

Sanders says the attack in Brussels is a “brutal reminder that the international community must come together to destroy” the Islamic State group.

The Vermont senator is offering his condolences to the families who lost loved ones in what he calls “another cowardly attempt to terrorize innocent civilians.”

From Detroit News wire services

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