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Today’s campaign snapshots


Ted Cruz

Ted Cruz is accusing rival Donald Trump of stoking false rumors about his personal life.

The Texas senator told reporters in Oshkosh, Wisconsin, on Friday that the Republican presidential race has taken a “darker turn.” Cruz is blaming Trump and “his henchmen” for spreading false rumors that Cruz has cheated on his wife, Heidi.

It’s an escalation of the back-and-forth between the two. Cruz posted similar comments on Facebook.


Hillary Clinton

Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton is brushing aside speculation that her husband Bill recently made comments that were critical of President Barack Obama.

In a West Coast appearance earlier this month, former President Bill Clinton commented that his wife was best qualified to help America emerge from eight agonizing years. Hillary Clinton, in an appearance late Thursday on ABC’s “Jimmy Kimmel Live,” said that wasn’t what her husband was talking about.

“It wasn’t. It obviously wasn’t,” she said. “He nominated President Obama for his second term.” Some construed Bill Clinton’s comments as a shot across Obama’s bow.

Hillary Clinton said her husband was referring, instead, to “this implacable wall of hostility from Republicans” to Obama’s agenda over his nearly eight years in office.

Bernie Sanders

The presidential campaign of Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders is pressing ahead with its lawsuit over access to a Democratic National Committee voter database.Sanders on Thursday formally notified the DNC after a U.S. district judge had threatened to dismiss the campaign’s lawsuit if it failed to take action.

Sanders sued in December after the DNC temporarily barred his campaign from accessing its massive trove of voter information. The move came after Sanders’ staff improperly accessed data compiled by the campaign of rival Hillary Clinton. Sanders apologized for the breach, and his campaign’s access to the data was restored after four days.

In court papers, the campaign claims it lost about $600,000 per day in political donations during the outage. The lawsuit seeks in excess of $150,000 in damages.