Today’s campaign snapshots

Kasich campaign rebuts Cruz ad

Washington — Is Democratic billionaire donor George Soros dabbling in the Republican presidential primary?

Soros is named in $500,000 worth of advertising in next-to-vote Wisconsin, with allies of GOP candidate Ted Cruz charging that he’s linked to rival John Kasich.

It drew immediate complaints from a Kasich group for its inaccuracy.

Soros has given tens of millions of dollars to liberal causes and is a strong backer of Democratic presidential front-runner Hillary Clinton. That’s why the idea that he’s funding a Republican candidate could alarm conservatives.

Cruz celebrates women at Wis. forum

Madison, Wis. — Ted Cruz surrounded himself with women — including his mother and wife — at a campaign stop in Wisconsin Wednesday, where he tried to show a softer side to further contrast himself with his brash Republican rival Donald Trump.

Cruz’s wife, mother and former rival Carly Fiorina joined him for what Cruz called a “celebration of women.”

They cast Cruz as the best choice for women voters, while Trump continued to face questions about his defense of his campaign manager who was charged Tuesday with simple battery after an altercation with a female reporter.

Clinton faces April tests in Wis., N.Y.

Milwaukee — Hillary Clinton’s campaign aims to effectively end the Democratic primaries against Bernie Sanders by early May. But first she needs to navigate tricky contests in Wisconsin and her home state of New York.

Clinton enters April with a big delegate lead and insider support among Democrats crucial to the nomination.

But Sanders is pointing to victories in five of the past six states holding contests — among them, three western states — and views Wisconsin as a home for the progressive causes he has long supported.

A win by Sanders here next week would put pressure on Clinton to deliver in New York, which she represented in the Senate.