Kasich pitches himself as sturdy alternative

Concord, N.H. — John Kasich is soldiering on with the belief that he can convince hundreds of Republican delegates to swing his way at a contested summer convention by warning that the alternative could be detrimental to the party and the country.

Kasich’s fight to win the GOP nomination remains feasible only if Donald Trump enters the convention in Cleveland without the number of delegates required to secure the nomination outright.

Even then, the Ohio governor will need delegates friendly to his cause to set convention rules that allow him to compete. His team has brought on experienced delegate hunters and national strategists in recent weeks to help navigate the complicated math of state-by-state delegate rules to boost his chances at the convention.

Aide: Clinton Willing To Debate Sanders

Responding to calls from rival Bernie Sanders, Hillary Clinton is “perfectly willing” to debate him in New York, her press secretary said on Tuesday.

On Bloomberg Television’s With All Due Respect, Brian Fallon said the former New York senator was open to holding a debate before the April 19 primary somewhere in the Empire State.

“If they can find a mutually agreeable date in the next couple of weeks before New York, I think it could happen,” Fallon said.

On Sunday, Sanders urged Clinton to debate him in the state she once represented and he once lived, saying it could take place in“New York City, upstate, wherever.”

Sanders aims for March fundraising haul

New York — Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders says his campaign has raised more than $39.7 million in March and is aiming to surpass $43.5 million for the month.

Sanders and Hillary Clinton are facing monthly fundraising deadlines Thursday in their primary contest. Sanders raised more money than Clinton in February but the former secretary of state has maintained an advantage in cash on hand.

The fundraising is important as the Democrats prepare for next week’s Wisconsin primary and New York’s primary on April 19.

Trump gets super PAC help in Wisconsin

Washington — An outside group is rushing to support Donald Trump’s Republican presidential bid, including in next-to-vote Wisconsin.

A super political action committee called Great America PAC will spend at least $1 million on commercials to air across the country in coming weeks, says its spokesman, Jesse Benton.

Trump has called super PACs corrupt and insisted he does not want their help. Benton says the Trump campaign has not asked Great America to cease its work.

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