Today’s campaign snapshots

Clinton, Sanders to debate

Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders have agreed to a Democratic presidential debate next week ahead of the New York primary.

Clinton holds a lead among delegates but Sanders is hoping a win in Tuesday’s primary in Wisconsin will help him build momentum in Clinton’s home state.

The televised debate will be held in Brooklyn, New York, on April 14, five days before the state’s April 19 primary.

Both candidates have personal ties to the debate site. Sanders was born and raised in Brooklyn. Clinton represented New York in the Senate and her campaign’s headquarters is based in Brooklyn.

CNN will host the debate in partnership with Time Warner Cable’s NY1.

Sanders woos trade unions

Bernie Sanders says he’s going to “do everything we can to rebuild the trade unions” in Wisconsin.

Sanders’ statement of support for organized labor came on the eve of the state’s critical Democratic primary and in the wake of laws signed by Republican Gov. Scott Walker that shut down public unions and made Wisconsin a right-to-work state.

Speaking in Janesville,Sanders pledged to be, “Scott Walker in reverse.”

Trump wants to have fun

Donald Trump often says that he could act more presidential than any other candidate. But he said Monday that wouldn’t be nearly as much fun.

Trump tells a rally crowd gathered in an open airplane hangar in frigid northern Wisconsin that if he were to act too presidential, “only about 20 percent of you would be here, because it would be boring as hell.”

Trump says that his wife, Melania, and daughter, Ivanka, have both urged him to be more presidential and tone down his attacks, especially on the debate stage.

From Detroit News wire services