Snapshots: Clinton calls Trump a ‘fraud’

Washington — Hillary Clinton is calling Donald Trump a fraud, claiming he’s trying to scam Americans the way he scammed students who enrolled in his university.

Newly released documents about the now-defunct business owned by Trump revealed that he tried to trick people into enrolling who couldn’t afford the tuition.

Clinton is seizing on those reports, saying Trump used the “fraudulent scheme” to enrich himself on behalf of hardworking Americans.

She says: “This is just more evidence that Donald Trump himself is a fraud.”

Trump: Ryan, McConnell won’t be ousted

Donald Trump has pitched himself as an insurgent who will upend Washington, but he is privately telling big donors that he’s committed to keeping the two most senior establishment Republicans in their congressional leadership posts.

Trump’s pledge that he won’t try to oust House Speaker Paul Ryan or Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell was a key factor in the decision by coal industry executives Joe and Kelly Craft to raise money for the presumptive Republican presidential nominee, they say.

“That is a big priority for Joe and I and from talking directly to Donald Trump I know for a fact it is a big deal to him,” Kelly Knight Craft, a Kentucky native, said in an interview. “He made that very clear.”

The reassurances are a window into Trump’s effort to convince establishment Republicans that he’s not trying to hijack the party's infrastructure and that he’ll cooperate with other party leaders if elected president.