Granholm displayed confidence early for Clinton

Candice Williams
The Detroit News

Former Michigan Gov. Jennifer Granholm all but leaped out of her chair Tuesday morning in an enthusiastic display of Democratic confidence that Hillary Clinton would secure many of the battleground states needed to win the presidential election.

However, that would not be the case as Republican Donald Trump clenched many of those states, including Michigan, according to unofficial results.

Hours before polls closed and Trump was announced the winner, Granholm appeared on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” to discuss the possibility of Clinton securing Michigan.

“I think that we are feeling so great,” she said smiling and waving her arms as she spoke. “In fact, if I were feeling any more great about this election they would have to arrest me. I have the juju. The positive energy juju that we are feeling is just terrific.”

Co-host Willie Geist noted Granholm’s enthusiasm. “You’re giddy, governor,” he said.

In response to Geist’s question regarding areas of concerns for the Clinton campaign, Granholm noted early vote numbers in Ohio.

“I was predicting that we would take Ohio, too,” she said. “I know that the early vote numbers in Ohio at least in Cuyahoga County weren’t as much as everybody wanted, but they were really record breaking in Franklin and Hamilton counties where Columbus and Cincinnati are so we’re crossing our fingers for that.”

“Two-thirds to three-quarter of that early vote being in both in Nevada and in North Carolina and in Florida where she is head in all of those states,” she continued. “She’s even ahead in Iowa. Not as much as Barack Obama was before, but she’s still ahead in early votes. So I don’t know. We’re feeling pretty good. Not over confident of course, but I’m feeling really good.”

She told Geist that she was among those with knots in their stomach over the election and that a makeup artist told her there would be a “6 o’clock call for a global meditation on the election.”

“Aah,” Granholm said. “Perhaps that would be a good recipe for me.”

So how does Granholm feel following the election? She took to Twitter earlier Wednesday to express her thoughts.

“I confess I’m still working my way thru the five stages of grief,” Granholm wrote. “Currently at depression. Will get to acceptance in a bit. Need some time.”

She also had a message for Trump:

“And to team @realDonaldTrump: we on team @HillaryClinton love America too, so we can only pray you govern successfully, for ALL of us.”

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