Snyder praises Detroit, region on morning TV

Steve Pardo
The Detroit News
  • Bankruptcy proceedings are helping move Detroit forward%2C Snyder said.

Detroit — Gov. Rick Snyder was active on the airwaves Thursday appearing on MSNBC's Morning Joe show making a special broadcast from Wayne State University and minutes later, appearing on Bloomberg TV.

Snyder, who's running for re-election against Democratic candidate Mark Schauer, spoke on Detroit's recovery and praised the "relentless positive action" of the area.

"It was Detroit versus Michigan. Now regionalism is working," Snyder said on the MSNBC broadcast. "It's great to see the recovery of Detroit. Young professionals are viewing Detroit as the place to be in the country right now."

The regional transit authority and the proposal to create a new water authority are examples of regional changes benefiting the state, he said.

"They've been talked about for decades. We're getting them done right now," Snyder said.

He also said the Detroit bankruptcy proceedings is helping the city move past years of mismanagement.

"Detroit had gone through decades of decline," Snyder said. "The city government was slowing down the recovery. I view the bankruptcy as a solution to 50 years of problems."

Snyder, who called politics in Washington "a huge mess," drew praise from former New York Mayor Mike Bloomberg, who joined Snyder along with investor Warren Buffett and Goldman Sachs CEO Lloyd Blankfein in a discussion on the economy on the Bloomberg broadcast.

"If the rest of the country had governors as good as the state of Michigan, we'd be much better off," Bloomberg said.

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