Anyone scouring the airwaves for a cherished sports game on a high-end channel can relate to John Dingell’s plight Wednesday night.

The retired U.S. representative wanted to watch the University of Michigan basketball team open its NCAA tournament play against Tulsa on truTV.

That’s Channel 247 in Metro Detroit. But the Dearborn Democrat had trouble finding it.

“What in the hell channel is TruTV?” he tweeted in apparent exasperation.

Thus started a virtual contest. Officials with the network seen in an estimated 90 million U.S. households swiftly tweeted: “We’ll walk you through it nice and slow, Mr. Congressman.” Along with that was a 23-second clip that some might have viewed as less than helpful.

“Thank you for just tweeting your question hoping that somebody would respond to you and not Googling it like a rational person would do. But you’re in luck. I’m responding,” said an announcer filmed in front of a chalkboard. “truTV is a television station mostly known for comedy these days but also for some March Madness basketball. Who do you have money on? I put money on every single team. I have a gambling addiction.”

Dingell immediately shot back what apparently was missing in the message, tweeting: “Ha! I just need a damn number, people.”

The network responded again — this time with more help but also awe.

“John Dingell is better at Twitter than we would have thought,” the tweet said, directing the legendary lawmaker back to the website.

Within minutes, the “crisis” was averted.

“I found it,” Dingell tweeted, happily sharing the tag “GoBlue.”

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