Rosh Hashana ceremony unfolds at Chene Park

The Detroit News

An ancient ritual that symbolizes discarding of sins played out at Chene Park in Detroit on Sunday when participants hurled bread crumbs into the flowing water.

Traditionally, the Tashlich service, the cleansing ceremony during Rosh Hashana, is symbolized by Jews going to a source of running water and casting away their sins. They symbolically cast bread crumbs into the water.

Also included were novel touches by The Well, a Jewish community building initiative launched last year. Live music, interactive art, food trucks, even blowing of kazoos to evoke the shofar as a call to worship were expected to be part of the ritual Sunday.

The idea was to boost an age-old custom with “fun, awesome stuff that makes it appealing, with something for everybody,” said Rabbi Dan Horwitz, The Well’s founding director.