For hours Wednesday, a group of Jewish students were all about matzah.

Pupils from the Lubavitch Yeshiva International School for Chabad Leadership in Oak Park distributed unleavened bread to help Metro Detroiters celebrate Passover.

The holiday, which starts March 30, commemorates Jews’ ancestors fleeing slavery in ancient Egypt.

As the Book of Exodus recounts, the Israelites escaped so hastily they didn’t have enough time to let their dough rise, which gave rise to the matzah tradition.

Round, kneaded, shaped by hand and closely monitored to ensure no leavening, the shmurah matzah are similar to those that Jews ate during their exodus, Chabad officials said.

The goods typically are served during a Seder, the ritual meal traditionally observed on the first two nights of Passover.

The local distribution effort is part of a global Passover campaign that launched in 1954 to highlight the holiday, officials said.

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