Ex-Cuban castaway Elian Gonzalez wants to visit U.S.

Associated Press

Havana — Cuba's Elian Gonzalez, who was the focus of an international custody dispute when he was a little boy, says he'd like to visit the United States.

Gonzalez spoke to ABC News in an interview that aired Monday. He said if he could visit anywhere, it would be the U.S. to "give my love to (the) American people."

Now 21, Gonzalez was just a few weeks shy of 6 when his mother died at sea trying to take him to the U.S. on an illegal journey in late 1999. He survived by clinging to an inner tube and ended up with relatives in Florida after his rescue.

A high profile custody battle between those relatives and his father ensued, ending when his surviving parent returned him to the island in mid-2000.