Egypt moves bed, chariot of King Tut to new museum

Associated Press

Cairo — Egypt has safely transported two unique items, a funerary bed and a chariot belonging to the famed pharaoh King Tutankhamun from a museum in central Cairo to a new one on the other side of the city.

The two gold-plated artifacts, which were moved on Tuesday, are the biggest items that have so far been transported to the Grand Egyptian Museum, scheduled to open in early 2018. Moving King Tut’s items has become a particularly sensitive issue since 2014, when the beard attached to the Egyptian monarch’s priceless golden mask was accidentally broken and hastily glued back with an epoxy, damaging the mask and causing uproar among archaeologists.

The tomb of King Tut, who ruled Egypt over 3,000 years ago, was discovered in 1922 in the southern city of Luxor.