Paris – Survivors and families of victims of the 2015 attack on Paris’ Bataclan concert hall filed a legal complaint Friday to find out why soldiers stationed nearby were ordered not to intervene when Islamic State gunmen stormed the venue.

Lawyer Samia Maktouf told The Associated Press the complaint is not aimed at punishing the soldiers, but exposing who was responsible in the French government for their actions. It is now up to the Paris prosecutor’s office to study the complaint and decide whether to pursue a full-fledged investigation.

Maktouf, representing the victims, said eight soldiers standing nearby were ordered not to use their weapons or even help administer first aid to the many victims shot in the attack.

France’s defense and interior ministries didn’t respond to requests for comment on the legal complaint. After the 2015 attack, the French government clarified the rules of engagement for military in similar situations.

The soldiers were part of Operation Sentinelle, a unit created for internal security.

The IS attack on the Bataclan and other Paris venues on Nov. 13, 2015, killed 130 people and wounded hundreds.

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