Family accused of hijacking, crashing Swiss taxi

Associated Press

BERLIN – Swiss police say an Austrian family allegedly hijacked a taxi, crashed into a parked boat, drove through a hedge and then plunged off a 4-foot-high ledge before trying to escaping on foot.

St. Gallen police said the incident happened early Sunday in the northeastern Swiss town of Rorschach.

Police said the suspects – a married couple and their 10-year-old daughter – are accused of attacking the taxi’s 60-year-old driver before stealing his car and driving erratically to a nearby town.

Their alleged taxi ride ended when the family crashed down the side of a driveway. Police say officers detained them as they fled.

Police said the 38-year-old father “was not in a fit state to drive” and had no license. The girl and the taxi driver were injured and required medical treatment.