Tipping the scales: White lion cubs bulking up in Germany

Associated Press
The female cub.

Berlin – They’re still tiny, but the white lion cubs at the Magdeburg zoo in eastern Germany are putting on weight fast.

The cubs – three males and one female – took turns on the scales Friday. The news agency dpa reported that the male cubs weighed in at an average of 6.5 kilograms (14.3 pounds) each, while their sister was a kilogram lighter.

Four rare African white lion cubs in their enclosure at the zoo in Magdeburg, Germany. The young lions were born on July 5, 2018.

The cubs weighed only 1.5 kilograms (3.3 pounds) each when they were born on July 5.

A zookeeper weighs one of the four rare white lion cubs, the female baby. Keepers weighed the three males and one female and carried out health checks on the cats, which are rare in the wild.

Zoo visitors were able to watch through a window as the feisty felines were weighed one by one, showing their teeth and claws.

Zookeeper Susann Paelecke holds one of the four rare white lion cubs, the female baby, at the zoo in Magdeburg.

Zoo curator Konstantin Ruske says “we are very satisfied with the animals’ development.”