Pompeo pledges to keep pressure on Venezuela’s Maduro

Associated Press
Venezuelan Bolivarian National Guard members check damages at the Francisco de Paula Santander international bridge in Urena, Venezuela on February 24, 2019, following protests in the region after Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro ordered a temporary close-down of the border with Colombia to prevent the humanitarian aid to enter the country

Washington – Secretary of State Mike Pompeo says the U.S. will continue to pressure Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro until he understands his days are “numbered.”

Pompeo spoke Sunday following separate clashes on the Venezuelan border. Two people were killed on Saturday near the Brazilian border and some 300 injured in a separate incident near the Colombian border after troops loyal to Maduro fired tear gas on activists trying to deliver humanitarian aid.

Pompeo tells Fox and CNN the Trump administration will continue to support opposition leader Juan Guaido. He declined to rule out U.S. military force.

Vice President Mike Pence travels to Colombia on Monday to attend an emergency summit on Venezuela with more than a dozen Latin American and Caribbean foreign ministers. Guaido says he will meet with Pence there.