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Specialist says Notre Dame organ unharmed by fire

Associated Press
Philippe Lefebvre, 64, plays the organ in 2013 at Notre Dame cathedral in Paris.

Paris – Notre Dame cathedral’s 8,000-pipe organ has escaped undamaged from the flames that engulfed the building last week.

Pascal Quoirin, a specialist who restored the Notre Dame organ in 2017, has checked the instrument and says it did not suffer any damage in the blaze that destroyed most of the roof.

Quoirin said “after two hours spent examining the instrumental part, I did not notice any damage that could have been caused by the fire.”

According to Quoirin, the thermometer inside the organ showed that the temperature did not rise above 63 degrees Fahrenheit on the day of the fire, ensuring no damage to the electronic components or pipes.

Quoirin recommends protecting the instrument with a waterproof case, to dusting it and playing it regularly during the restoration work.