Lightning storm kills 20 in eastern India

Associated Press

Patna, India – A government official says lightning has killed at least 20 people with thunderstorms and heavy rains lashing eastern India.

Disaster Management official Amod Kumar Sharan says the deaths occurred on Tuesday, raising overall death toll in Bihar state to more than 100 from lightning and flooding since the monsoon season started in June.

People walk with umbrellas in the rain in Mumbai, India, Wednesday, July 24, 2019. India's monsoon season runs from June to September.

Last Sunday, 33 people were killed by lightning in the northern state of Uttar Pradesh. They were mostly farmers working in the field.

Millions of people have been hit by floods, their homes and crops devastated by surging waters in the worst-hit Bihar and Assam states.

South Asia’s monsoon rains, which hit the region from June to September, are crucial for the rain-fed crops planted during the season