Oslo police open fire on man who reportedly drove into crowd

The Associated Press

Copenhagen, Denmark — At least two people were injured Tuesday in Norway’s capital city of Oslo, struck by an ambulance stolen by an armed man who was injured when police opened fire to stop him.

Police said those struck by the ambulance included a woman with a stroller and an elderly couple. The woman and her baby were taken to a hospital.

“We are in control of the ambulance that was stolen,” Oslo police tweeted. “Shots were fired to stop him. He is not in critical condition.”

A damaged ambulance is seen parked after an incident in the center of Oslo, Tuesday, Oct. 22, 2019.

Police also said that they were looking for a woman who “looks drunk” and may have been involved in the incident in north Oslo.

Anders Bayer, a spokesman for Oslo University Hospital, confirmed to Norwegian news agency NTB that the ambulance was stolen by an armed person. Three employees on the vehicle when it was stolen were unharmed, Bayer added.

The Aftenposten newspaper published a photo showing a man, wearing green trousers lying next to the vehicle surrounded by police officers. Another photo in the daily showed a handcuffed man, flanked by police, walking toward an ambulance stretcher.

Norwegian media said that officials believe the pair – described as known to the police – faked an accident and called for an ambulance, which they then stole.

A witness told the newspaper – one of Norway’s largest – that he saw “the ambulance driving at high speed toward me … and right behind a police car.”

A damaged ambulance is seen parked after it crashed following an incident in the center of Oslo, Tuesday, Oct. 22, 2019.

“I heard several shots,” Omar Khatujev told Aftenposten.

The yellow ambulance smashed into a house wall with a police car crashed into its rear.

Therese Ramstad, another witness, saw the episode from her ambulance and told Norway’s TV2 channel that she thought the vehicle had been hijacked.

“I saw how police officers took the baby in their arms and tried to comfort it. It was crying,” she said, adding that a woman and the baby were driven to a hospital in police cars, as police didn’t wait for ambulances to arrive.

“It is too early to say whether this is terror-related, but we are investigating broadly and fully.”