Protesters decry Bosnia’s "systemic” abuse of disabled kids

The Associated Press

Sarajevo, Bosnia-Herzegovina – Protesters in Bosnia have rallied outside the government building in Sarajevo after an opposition lawmaker published shocking photos of special needs children tied to beds and radiators in a nearby government facility.

Bosnian opposition lawmaker Sabina Cudic.

The protest Thursday by 1,000 people included scores of parents of children with disabilities, who described a dysfunctional care system that condemns their kids to suffering and excludes them from society.

The protest came a day after lawmaker Sabina Cudic of the opposition Nasa Stranka party publicly shared the disturbing photos from the Pazaric care home and demanded that they be debated in parliament. Her initiative was rejected.

Cudic said she resorted to “shock” tactics after the government ignored her repeated calls to address the problem, which she blamed on corruption in government employment and the mismanagement of public funds.