Dutch museum says Vincent van Gogh painting stolen in raid

Associated Press

The Hague, Netherlands – A Dutch museum says that a painting by Vincent van Gogh was stolen in a raid overnight.

The Singer Laren museum east of Amsterdam says “Spring Garden” by the Dutch master was stolen in the early hours of Monday.

Police are investigating a break-in at Dutch art museum Singer Laren.

The museum was closed because of restrictions aimed at slowing the spread of the coronavirus, the museum and police said Monday.

The museum did not release any details. It scheduled a news conference for Monday afternoon.

Before the closure, the museum was hosting an exhibition titled “Mirror of the Soul” with works by artists ranging from Toorop to Mondrian, in cooperation with Amsterdam’s Rijksmuseum.

The museum houses the collection of American couple William and Anna Singer, with a focus on modernism such as neo-impressionism, pointillism, expressionism and cubism.