Readers talk bankruptcy, border security


A win for creditors

It may be a noble sentiment and a chance for community development but why should a bankruptcy creditor get anything when they entered into a very risky deal hoping to make a big profit and they lost?

They made a big mistake and walk away with anything but the bare minimum only because they held out?

Maybe it was a big mistake for retirees to agree to the grand bargain. Retirees say “yes” to move the process along and make progress and are used to give investors who took big risks benefits they don't deserve?

Doesn't sound fair and equitable to me. Not at all.

William C. Plumpe,


Secure the border first

President Barack Obama should send our troops to the southern border if he is truly worried about the safety of this country. Africa will take care of itself without sending our troops there to get infected with Ebola.

Tom Tallon, Wyandotte