I am writing to express my gratitude to Coach Jim Caldwell and the 2014-2015 Detroit Lions. I was born in the suburbs of Detroit and have been an ardent fan of all the Detroit professional sports teams, even having moved to Florida in 1974. The Lions have always been my, our, achilles heel. This is my 55th year on this Earth and the team has rarely posted winning seasons, much less make an appearance in the postseason.

In discussing the Lions with my comrades, I would always excuse our inability to progress as a “culture of losing.” Watching the scoreline roll across the bottom of the screen to catch up with the Lions has been my connection to the team since prime-time television was not in the cards for us. I’ve often wondered, with an awesome quarterback, the best receiver in the game today, and the best defense in the NFL, how is it that we continue to lose games that we are clearly the more talented team, at least on paper?

The culture appears to be changing under coach Caldwell and his staff. With every reason not to win yesterday against the Saints, the team stepped up and decided to be different this time, not accepting defeat. It’s all in our heads, this decision to be a loser, or as it seems, a winner. There was a huge roar in the Lions Nation as the team “Defended the Den” this week.

Dennis Turner, West Palm Beach, Florida

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