Letter: Mark Schauer’s missed opportunity


Schauer’s missed opportunity

The old joke says that political parties are like the characters in the “Wizard of Oz”: The Republicans have no hearts and the Democrats have no brains. Accordingly, Gov. Rick Snyder has successfully played rope-a-dope with Schauer.

Schauer has played Snyder’s game and fell into the trap arguing about the accounting of school aid and who’s tax cuts create jobs — accounting issues that Snyder argues skillfully. Early polls showed that the voters doubted Snyder’s plans, but Schauer offered only minutiae as a distinction.

You don’t need an economics degree to figure out that business doesn’t hire people it doesn’t need, so tax cuts merely go directly to profits. It doesn’t trickle down. In our consumer driven economy, business hires to serve their customers and locates near them because shipping also taxes their profits. Schauer failed to connect jobs with Snyder’s taxing the most likely to consume and to consume from local small businesses, pensioners, the working poor through loss of earned income credits, the lower middle class through reduced homestead deduction eligibility and the unemployed by reducing benefits.

Schauer never exposed this Robin Hood in reverse.

Angry failed last time, and nicer is failing this time. Perhaps next time, the Democrats will try smarter.

Dennis L. Green, Farmington Hills

Confusion on gay marriage

While I may not be a legal scholar, I don’t understand how our federal courts can order a state to allow gay marriage.

If a state’s marriage law is unconstitutional because it excludes gay marriage, then the law is invalid. In short, the state no longer has a marriage law. I see no constitutional manor for the court to rewrite the law to its suiting. Where is it in the Constitution that allows the courts to write law? Maybe a state, given the choice between what it deems an immoral law and having no marriage laws at all, will choose no marriage (except by the church).

Our courts now not only rule on the law, they write it.

David Dery, Central Lake