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Letters: Market forces, Hockeytown, taxpayer subsidies

Why not go affordable?

Re: The Detroit News’ Nov. 20 Editorial, “Keep hotels out of arena district plan”:

The plan laid out by the Ilitch family might be a “reasonable approach” if The Detroit News hadn’t overlooked the hundreds of millions of dollars in taxpayer money allocated toward the project.

Greg Moorehead,


Willful abandonment

These hotels aren’t “abandoned,” they’re owned by the Ilitches, who have not redeveloped them, despite “market forces” in downtown and Midtown (occupancies at close to 100 percent and rents at nearly $2/sq ft) that are encouraging and supporting rehabilitation like we’ve never seen before.

They’re also historically designated, which means that city law protects them from being significantly changed or demolished without city approval.

Amy Elliott Bragg,

Preservation Detroit