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Letter: Police commission oversight is essential

When I’m not working servicing special needs students in the public school system, I’m working for the citizens of Detroit.

I work for my constituents by attending block club and association meetings, receiving complaints and advising on proper policing and procedures of the Detroit Police Department. I’m also concerned with proper lighting and blight in Detroit which has a direct correlation with our city being safer.

My position as a police commissioner is valued among Detroiters.

They appreciate my knowledge of law enforcement, my accessibility and my motto, “I Work For You.”

Emergency Manager Order 42 is an order, in part, limiting the powers of the police commission.

EM Order 42 is a direct contradiction to the City Charter. In contrast, every request for service made to Chief James Craig and his team has been fulfilled to the highest level of expectation.

Through conflict and with compassion, I advise police leaders on the proper way things should be done. This should be viewed as proper police oversight, not meddling. Citizens, visitors and businesses should know the police department does not operate in secrecy.

They should also know if they have an issue with the police, a fully empowered police commission is actively engaged in working out their concerns.

The group that should have the biggest complaint about EM Order 42 are the police unions. Order 42 limits the disciplinary process that unions typically have.

I don’t work for the mayor, City Council or the police chief. I am a public servant who respects the rights of all.

I’ve defended America on two different continents with military service. I’ve sat in classrooms across the country for the sole purpose of making our city better. I’ve even been lied on and talked about by critics with no credentials.

Everyone has a supervisor; I have 700,000 — they are the citizens of Detroit.

Ricardo R. Moore, police commissioner,

Detroit Police Department