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Readers grouchy at Lions losing streak

Matt Stafford’s ‘slide’

Re: Wojo’s Nov. 23 column, “Patriots give Lions a reality check”: The Detroit Lions are terrible. Matthew Stafford is not a good QB. He showed the kind of heart he had on that slide for a first down, in which he came up short. As long as Stafford is the Lions QB they will come up short.

Rhomeyn Johnson, Los Angeles

Compared to the best

You look at guys like Tom Brady and Peyton Manning and it makes you realize the Lions just aren’t there yet. Brady has a robot-like radar for receivers and Manning releases the ball an average 1.7 seconds after taking the snap. They’re both incredible to watch and it makes you realize Stafford and the Lions offense still have a long way to go.

Carl Johnson, Lake Orion

Swagger costs team

I have a suggestion for Golden Tate and the Lions: Lose the “swagger,” but not the confidence. Lions haven’t won anything and have no reason to have “swagger.” The defense is overrated, period, but nobody talks about that, just Stafford. Starting to think Calvin is overrated. The OL is horrible and with two starters out it looks to get worse. The Lions are still the Chicago Cubs of the NFL and it’s getting harder to watch each year. Even if they make the playoffs, does anybody really believe they can beat a good team on the road?

Ken McNeill, Virginia Beach