Understanding America

Jeff Hadden’s column about civics, (“How much civics knowledge do Americans need?” Dec. 16) hits the nail on the head. While some things learned in school are not used much later in life, one thing that is basic to all of us is that we are Americans and we should all be well-grounded in how and why our country was founded, and what the Founding Fathers’ vision for America was. Having this knowledge can only protect us from those who, through subtle ways, want to undermine the foundations this country was build on and what America stands for.

The ignorance and lack of knowledge about America history that so many people express seems to be on equal footing with how many people are tossed to and fro with every change of the political winds. They are a people without any firm foundation that are easily conned, swindled, and enslaved. It is no wonder our country is in the shape it is.

Joe Perotta, Nashville

Tall tales

I write to warmly applaud Jeff Hadden’s call for a greater focus on American history and government in our schools. I agree that Flotsam Jetsam would be a good addition to the Tigers’ bullpen, but I’m left with one question: who was Mrs. Pleistocene and when was her epoch?

Rusty Hills, East Lansing

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