Readers talk nativity, vaccinations

A modest nativity proposal

A group of satanic worshipers has erected some type of shrine in our state’s capital. For whatever reason, a Nativity scene if displayed, has to be taken down each evening. Sounds like a real conundrum but here is my solution: How about a live Nativity scene in Lansing that can be disassembled each evening? And to play the part of the donkeys, and mules and asses how about using the promoters of the satanic display? Certainly they would be excellent candidates.

Bill Kalmar, Lake Orion

Opt-in on vaccines

Re: Ingrid Jacques’ Dec. 16 Editor’s Note: “Parents, vaccinate your children”: More kids do need to be vaccinated against the usual plethora of possible childhood diseases.

When polio started to reappear overseas that should be enough of a wake up call. I do understand reasons for not vaccinating, but as a community health issue I do think more parents should opt in rather than out.

Mark Durfee, Detroit