Leave Duggan

out of schools

(Re: Ingrid Jacques’ Dec. 18 column, “Will Duggan head Detroit schools?”) I, along with Detroit Mayor Mike Duggan, don’t think he should head the schools in Detroit. Duggan was elected by the citizens of Detroit to do one thing and one thing only, and that’s to run the city — not to “head Detroit schools.”

DPS has its own myriad problems, the main of which are reducing/eliminating the debt, improving educational performance, stopping the hemorrhaging of students from the district and attracting students back to the district. Charter schools and the EAA have their own set of unique problems as well.

To place Duggan as the head of Detroit schools is nothing but a distraction which he doesn’t need as he grapples with running the city after bankruptcy. I say leave the running of the schools to educators. We’ve had 15 years of state intervention in running DPS and look at the condition it’s in.

Thomas A. Wilson Jr.,


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