Readers: Does Detroit need I-375?


Not a root cause

Re: Louis Aguilar's Dec. 30 report, "Motor City may start to turn from freeways": I'm not an urban "planner" nor do I play one on TV, but I have a very difficult time believing that Detroit's freeway system is responsible for the collapse of Detroit's neighborhoods. Even accepting the premise, where does this issue rank in the list of reasons? Does it crack the top 20?

Steve Sutton, Farmington Hills

I-375 ruined neighborhoods

When workers have to literally tear down a neighborhood block by block in order to build a freeway through it, that would rank freeways pretty much number one on the list of reasons for the "collapse" of a Detroit neighborhood.

Greg Wahl, Ferndale

Neighborhoods need help

Lets say this freeway elimination wanted mostly by them developing downtown can happen in a 7-10 year time span. Another wonderful move by government for the dynamic duo of Mike Ilitch and Dan Gilbert, to increase flow to their investments, but it still begs the question: when will Detroit get to the repair, upkeep, return of viable services, and general maintenance of the neighborhoods where a majority of the residents live?

Is there some unannounced plan to bring light rail, bike paths, green spaces throughout the rest of the majority land mass of city, making travel easier, friendlier, creating jobs for the 625,000 people who do not live or work downtown?

Mark Durfee, Detroit

Don't make it inconvenient

I'm all for rail, bike paths and such. But eliminating easy auto access will not cause the public to embrace these — it will only persuade us to look further out into the suburbs for entertainment and employment options that we can drive to. I already avoid cities like Pontiac and Rochester, which do not have convenient freeway access.

Jim McNally, Tampa

Congestion wouldn't help

I am a huge supporter of the redevelopment of the downtown core. Saying that, the afternoon rush along I-75 north out of downtown is horrific and exhausting. I believe the closing of I-375 would only serve to exacerbate traffic congestion on the freeways.

Rob McCallum, Warren