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Readers, on unlimited free speech

Who supports free speech?

Re: Henry Payne’s Jan. 16 column, “Je suis Charlie: Cartoonists in the cross-hairs”: The freedom of expression includes the freedom to offend, without fear of a knife or bullet. Satire in the form of caricature has been mainstream speech for 200 years, and it has usually offended someone of one politic or religion or another.

On the other hand I do believe the French with their mass deployment of troops throughout their nation and their three-day trials from apprehension to sentencing that are putting people in prison for up to four years for simply mouthing words of support of these murders is a true violation of free speech.

Mark Durfee, Detroit

Carte blanche

Actually, freedom of expression does give you carte blanche to offend.

Wouldn’t be much of a freedom if you had to go around getting sign-off by all who might be offended in order to express your views, now would it?

It is, however, gratifying that you realize you can’t just come out and say “they deserved it,” that you have to try to sneak up on that conclusion.

Allen Majorovic, Detroit