President Barack Obama wants you to know that the low gas prices being enjoyed of late at the pumps aren’t going to last forever.

Therefore, he wants you think twice before buying a “gas guzzler.”

He’d much rather see you put some of those savings away. However, he wouldn’t be opposed to you buying some of the things you’ve been putting off purchasing, just so long as you keep the long-term benefits of fuel efficiency in mind.

On the surface, the president’s advice — some of which was dispensed during a recent quick swing through Metro Detroit — seems innocent enough.

Ironically, Obama’s brief commentary about the volatility of gas prices actually said all there really was to say about how he sees both himself and the American people.

The president’s ideology, staunch progressivism, is centered on the belief that government always knows what’s best.

Absolutely no issue — whether it is what you eat, where you send your children to school, the products you buy, or how you spend your money — should ever be immune from government’s reach.

Simply stated, as far as Obama’s concerned, government can never be big enough.

Its power and influence must constantly expand.

Legislation and lawmaker oversight designed and put in place to curtail the power of the state be damned.

Of course, the president continues to do all he can to try to understate those beliefs to make them more palatable to the country under the guise that he’s only in pursuit of a common good.

He just wants to level the playing field. He’s only trying to provide everyone a fair shake.

But, when examined closely, the message Obama’s really relaying to those who celebrate being the freest people on earth cannot be considered anything other than disconcerting.

While Obama undoubtedly has blind faith in himself and government, he continues to show a total lack of faith in those whom any U.S. president should truly believe in the most: the American people.

The president’s routine tacit affronts to individualism and free choice just goes to suggest that he feels Americans would be entirely incapable of making informed decisions if left to their own devices.

As Obama and his cast of advisers, each of whom being repeat offenders at severely misreading the country’s mood, see it, we the people are inherently ill-informed and doomed to invariably make wrong decisions.

That’s why we should all be happy to have him around, regardless of whether we know it or not.

With that said, given how he sees the U.S. citizenry, should there be any real mystery as to why so many from all over the country have already lost all of their faith in Obama?

John Sitkiewicz is a Metro Detroit freelance writer specializing in business and politics.

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