Detroit can be economic leader

I believe that the best way to strengthen the quality of life, ensure long-term opportunities for our residents, and combat society's ills is a solid economy with good jobs. It's why I'm an economic developer, and it's why I'm in Detroit right now.

The enthusiasm we feel is a great motivator, but it is not a final result. We have to keep channeling that enthusiasm in ways that improve lives in measurable ways. I think there are several key components to that effort.

Plan: Detroit needs a detailed strategic plan to drive our work generating new investment. Detroit Future City gave us a solid, overarching long-term framework. But to work, these strategies need support from the public and private sectors as well as our highly committed philanthropic community.

Partnership: Although my focus at the Detroit Economic Growth Corporation is growing the economic base of the city of Detroit, I am personally a strong proponent of regional collaboration.

People: We need to support entrepreneurs and neighborhood businesses and use the tools we have to ensure that public investments in companies generate jobs.

Population: Not only do we have to generate better opportunities for people who live in Detroit today, but we have to grow our population by convincing new people to move here.

Detroit can and will be a leader in the global next economy.

Rodrick Miller, president and CEO

Detroit Economic Growth


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